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The Bailey HUNDO mission is to support bikes, kids and trails. If your organization has a similar mission and needs funds to deliver on this mission, please contact us, the HUNDO might be able to help!

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The HUNDO is managed by a volunteer board of directors that all have a passion for mountain biking, getting racers on some of the best single track trail in the country, and having a great time outdoors; and most importantly, giving back to the community through our three primary race beneficiaries.

  The Bailey HUNDO

Race Director c/o John Gerritsen     Tel : (303) 919-8833
  PO Box 18204
Golden, CO 80401
  Fax : (205) 449-9500

  Race Day - Anywhere you ride

HUNDO June 20, 2020 - any time all day

HUNDitO June 20, 2020 - any time all day

Mark Lyons Vice President

An avid mountain biker/cyclist for 30 years, Mark has lived in the Bailey area for 12+ years, has been involved with the HUNDO since year one (2010) and has finished the HUNDO and HUNDitO twice each. Mark, with Jon, are meeting with the many HUNDO sponsors and volunteers so that they can hit the ground running in 2018.


Sally Higgins Treasurer

Sally has taken over the Treasurer role from Brittany Jones in 2020.

Shane Garman

Shane Garman Director

Shane is General Counsel for USA Cycling and has been a Director since 2014. He has been mountain biking for 20+ years and continues to actively races MTB, CX and gravel.

Natalia Ptas

Natalie Ptas Director

Natalia has lived in Colorado for over 20 years and enjoys exploring the state by bike. She was a member of the Colorado Women’s Cycling Project for the past six years and recently joined Palmares Racing for the 2020 season. She also has joined the HUNDO board to help out with social media. She is passionate about women’s cycling and her goal is to encourage more women to race the HUNDO. Natalia likes to test her racing skills across all of cycling disciples from road, to gravel, MTB and CX. She is a two times HUNDOitO race finisher.

Andy Christman

Andy Christman Director

Andy is the owner of Pedal bike shop in Littleton. He is excited to join the HUNDO board and help move the HUNDO organization to the next level.

Greg Sprenger

Greg Sprenger Director

Greg is a COMBA board member with specific responsibility at Buffalo Creek; keep trails well-maintained and bike-optimized, conducting corporate work days and volunteer work parties, providing work opportunities for youth corps groups and planning and conducting trail reroutes on Baldy, Buck Gulch and Strawberry Jack.

Walt Lee

Walt Lee Director

As a volunteer member since inception of the Colorado High School MTB League, Walt is the liaison for the League on the HUNDO Board. Walt has raced and volunteered the Hundo/Hundito 6 times (2 each), has been an active road, cross and MTB rider/racer for over 35 years and has a real passion for getting kids on bikes.

Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell Director

Bob is a board member of both Racer X Cycling and Team Evergreen Cycling, is a 25+ year mtn biker, road bikes
for winter training, races Cyclocross, 11 time HUNDO finisher and maintains the internet presence for the organization.

Dieter Tantius

Dieter Tantius Director

Dieter is an avid mtb’er, Bailey resident since 2002 and has participated in the HUNDO/HUNDitO for 8 years as a volunteer or racer. He is the Trips for Kids representative on the HUNDO Board.


John Gerritsen Race Director

John is one of the HUNDO founders back in 2010 and original race director, he is back for another term in 2019 and 2020! He has been an enthusiastic coach for the Platte Canyon MTB team in 2007-2011 and Golden High School MTB Team leading the Devo program for the last 4 years.

Chris Romer

Chris Romer Founder

Chris is one of the HUNDO founders, organizes the rider/sponsorship group HUNDOMen and is passionate about bringing mountain bikers to the Bailey area.