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Welcome: Sean Franklin Registred on: 2020-05-11 11:26:21

$ .00

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Contributions received:

NameDate of ContributionAmount
Chris PleskoJun 8th, 2020 $20.00
Erinn HallJun 15th, 2020 $50.00
Ann FranklinJun 15th, 2020 $30.00
Brent Pearson Jun 15th, 2020 $100.00
Bruce FranklinJun 16th, 2020 $100.00
Hannah DowdyJun 16th, 2020 $25.00
James FreemanJun 17th, 2020 $100.00
Max Bradley Jun 17th, 2020 $25.00
Jeff BradleyJun 17th, 2020 $150.00
Julie Levine Jun 18th, 2020 $25.00


Your Fundraising Goal: $800.00
Your Registration Fee: $55.00
Contributions so far: $625.00
Remaining funds to meet goal: $175.00

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Fundraising $625.00
Goal $800

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